Période estivale oblige, on a été un peu moins au taquet pour vous remonter l’info, mais il n’est jamais trop tard! En effet depuis maintenant deux jours, le premier DLC d’Automobilista 2 est disponible !

Ce dernier comprend de nombreux correctifs (voir ci-dessous), mais également le circuit d’Hockenheim décliné en 7 tracés, dont l’historique, ainsi qu’une meilleure gestion des températures des disques de frein.

Ce DLC, gratuit pour tous les possesseurs de l’early acces, est facturé 8.99€ pour les autres joueurs.(via steam)



  • Added Hockenheimring 2020 (GP, National & 2 Short layouts)
  • Added Hockenheimring Historic versions (1977, 1988, 2001)


  • Fixed incorrect logo alignment on initial splash in some resolutions
  • Added Session duration information to In-Race Info Layer
  • Add ‘Skip Cooldown Lap’ option after race is finished
  • Tweaked text colour and background opacity on timing/delta messages
  • Increased name area on relative positions HUD unit
  • Fixed championship standings screen only displaying first driver
  • Added markers for DLC content
  • Fixed Single Official Championship autoloading.
  • Fixed lower case button labels on pause menu return to pits button.
  • Corrected inconsistent size in Kart thumbnails
  • Fixed Caterham Academy gearbox information
  • Fixed error in Superkart name
  • Slightly improved lighting in showroom
  • Corrected Stock Cruze 2020 Thumbnails
  • Fixed position 6 selecting position 5 vehicle on monitor leaderboard
  • Fixed looping issue when trying to invite players to lobby via steam overlay
  • Added more fonts assets
  • Updated splash screen content logos
  • Added hud colors + HUD class logos for Montana and G55


  • Implemented optimal brake temp ranges (this adds an optimal brake temperature plateau to the brake response curve, making them slightly less peaky)
  • Revised load damping for all tyres & sidewall & tread stiffness tweaks to F-Retro, F-Reiza, F-V10, F-Ultimate, Caterhams
  • Adjusted F-Classic, F-Trainer, F-Retro & F3 tyre treads
  • Adjusted carcass stiffness for karts & superkarts
  • Reduced carcass heating for Truck tyres
  • Added new Differential hump mode values (this affects how the viscous locking torque varies by fluid temperature inside the diff, reducing locking torque as slip starts to increase the temperature, then virtually seizes with high locking torque as thermal expansion dominates at higher temperatures)
  • Removed air restrictor setup option
  • Reduced front ride height range & default setting, rear brake torque for G55 Supercup
  • Revised rear wing efficiency & distribution for G55, Stock V8 2020 (both models
  • Further adjusted F-Retro aero yaw & rake sensitivity
  • Reduced wheel contact factor (hopefully contributes to excessive collision issues)
  • Slightly increased FFB max force range
  • Fixed Push-to-Pass button being available for Stock Car series in Time Trial mode
  • Fixed wrong default preload following range correction in v1.0.0.3
  • Added antistall clutch to all karts
  • Kart brake heating updates
  • Adjusted Copa Truck tyre temp optimal window
  • Reduced engine inertia for superkart
  • Adjusted head physics (slightly better bump damping in cockpit view)
  • Minor adjustment to MRX & Sigma P1 FFB max force
  • Corrected default wing setting for F-V10, F-V12 (one click more in both ends for both cars)
  • Reduced baseline anti-roll bar stiffness for F-Reiza
  • Opalas: Reduced brake heating, moved default brake bias slightly forwards
  • F-Classic: Small tweak to FFB max force
  • Increased DRS effects for all cars that feature the device


  • Added new AI start logic (AI cars now are more creative off the line in looking for spaces and getting out of single file over first lap)
  • Added opponent names & personalities for F-Ultimate, F-V10, F-V12 drivers
  • Adjusted AI blue flag behaviour to reduce erratic movements when lapped in races
  • Minor AI performance callibration pass for P1, P2 models
  • Slightly reduced AI Grip for Bathurst
  • Revised Classic cars AI performance & throttle application (fixing some inconsistencies added with late pre-release changes)
  • Callibrated AI performance for Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Copa Clasic, Karts, Caterhams, G55 Supercup series
  • Increased AI effects for DRS


  • Reduced default tire skid & surface volume to 50%


  • Brasilia: Fixed vehicles popup behind the tents at turn 1
  • Cascais Slightly improved performance in replays
  • Guapore: Reduced garage depth (stops AI crashing on pit exit)


  • Fixed bug in sorting cars of the same class in a quick race grid (now grid is always randomised within same grid grouping value)
  • Fixed Gol & Passat grid grouping in Copa Classic FL & Hot Cars
  • Added Gol wiper animations and cockpit vibrations (all variants)
  • Сhevette: Wiper pivot point correction
  • Added Copa Truck wiper animations and cockpit vibrations (mirrors/window net)
  • Added Puma GTB, GTE,P052, Chevette wiper & cockpit animations
  • Added cockpit animations, wipers & windscreen cleaning animation to ARC Camaro and Passat (all variants)
  • Added suspension animations and cockpit vibrations to F-Classic G3M2
  • Updated Vitor Genz KTF livery
  • Added New Ginetta G58 livery
  • Corrected F309 undercar shadow
  • Corrected cockpit POV for F-Classic G3M2
  • Temporarily disabled some suspension animations fro F-reiza, F-V10, F-v12 and F-Ultimate
  • F.Reiza: Fixed numbering on liveries
  • Updated Formula V10 Gen2 liveries: (2 New Teams – AsiaTech Factory Racing #24 #25 / Dominilab Racing #26 #27) + Updated/Revised #05 #06 #09 #10 #11 #12 #18 #19