Une mise à jour vient d’être déployée sur ACC, apportant avec elle bon nombre d’améliorations. Graphiques, techniques, physiques et bien plus encore.

Des retours des pilotes, la physique a grandement évolué depuis cette mise à jour, dont le fameux force feed-back qui se montrait parfois un peu plus pauvre en informations comparé à certaines autres simulations.

Le grippe a également fortement évolué permettant de « mieux sentir » la voiture en piste.
LA BOP a été ajustée dans les différentes séries afin de rendre les courses plus palpitantes, ainsi que l’ajout de la BMW M4 GT3 202

Techniquement, on peut compter sur le DLSS pour les possesseurs de cartes graphiques SERIE 3000 (3060,3070,3080 et déclinaison « Ti »), ainsi qu’une meilleure gestion du musli-threading par le CPU.

Voici le patch note de cette version au complet (V1.8 – Anglais) ainsi que la vidéo récapitulative

  • Physics engine optimizations: variable component tick frequency, optimized multithreading. It results in smoother single player performance with high number of AI and fewer spikes due to overloading single cores on heavy calculations (such as simultaneous collisions). Might not result in outright maximum fps gain, but a significantly lower single-thread occupancy and late steps can be expected, particularly with larger grids.
  • 400hz physics refresh rate.
  • Improved FFB.
  • Improved tyre flex.
  • Improved camber simulation, especially on high positive camber values.
  • Improved Outside, Mid, Inside tyre heating relative to camber.
  • Improved Outside, Mid, Inside tyre wear relative to camber.
  • Improved camber gain simulation, properly affecting slip angles and forces. Evident with high camber values over kerbs and longitudinal bumps.
  • Improved surface flash temperature tyre simulation. Wider range of heat generation.
  • Improved heat generation in extreme conditions (burnouts, donuts).
  • Improved heat generation relative to tyre pressure.
  • Improved core temperature retaining. Tyres dissipate heat significantly slower now, no need to wait right until the last moment to go to grid.
  • Completely rewritten and improved combined grip simulation.
  • Completely rewritten and improved tyre vibrations at high speed and high slip angles.
  • Improved slip angle/ratio simulation relative to cold and overheating tyres.
  • New viscoelastic rubber friction model.
  • Improved dynamic tyre characteristics in various temperature conditions.
  • New rubber bumpstops damping simulation.
  • Bumpstops damping values for all cars.
  • Improved engine throttle simulation.
  • Improved launch control.
  • Improved rev limiter behaviour (soft limiters on some cars).
  • Improved traction control simulation.
  • Improved brake ducts heating influence simulation.
  • Improved rain tyres behaviour (not necessarily easier)
  • Improved the simulation of brake efficiency and power.
  • Improved track grip simulation on and off the racing line.
  • Improved ambient vs. track temperature delta.
  • Added a condition that simulates mist during the night in certain temperatures.
  • Added a condition that simulates mist during the night in certain temperatures.
  • Fixed Lamborghini Huracan GT3 and Huracan GT3 Evo front steer rod geometry.
  • Fixed excessive rear bump steer on the Nissan GT-R GT3.
  • Fixed excessive rear bump steer on the Lexus RC F GT3.
  • Fixed an issue with setup boundaries.
  • Added dedicated 2021 GTWCHEU season BOP.
  • Added Open series BOP (currently matching the 2021 season BOP), functioning as a moving BOP with the latest seasons. Most importantly it also serves as the basis of Multiplayer BOP.
  • Added 2021 British GT season BOP using the latest DHE tyres when a British GT-exclusive track is played through the 2021 season or the Open series (or Multiplayer).
  • Updated IGTC BOP to use the latest DHE tyres when IGTC-exclusive tracks are played through the 2021 season or the Open series (and Multiplayer).
  • Updated Mount Panorama to the latest available BOP when played through the 2021 season or the Open series (and Multiplayer).
  • NOTE: the original IGTC and British GT seasons in Single Player continue to use the original 2019 BOP with corresponding tyres that the original DLC packs recreated!
  • Updated wheel manufacturers’ SDKs.
  • Added Thrustmaster SF1000 display support.
  • Added Damper option under FFB settings – controls how much damping is allowed through the wheel driver’s DI Damping setting.
  • Increased FFB frequency steps to correspond with the global physics frequency update.