Kunos Simulazioni vient de déployer son Hotfix afin de corriger les nombreux problèmes apparus avec la dernière build publiée quelques jours plutôt.

Pour notre part, la VR ne s’améliore toujours pas, pire, pas mal de bugs ce sont produits, même avec cet update. En espérant que cela sera rapidement corrigé…

HOTFIX 0.4.2

  • – Fixed AI pit strategy when restarting the session
  • – Fixed transmission whine not audible in cockpit views
  • – Tweaked transmission whine for Lamborghini Huracàn GT3
  • – Improved reverberation for Nurburgring pit alarms
  • – Tweaked tire puncture sound
  • – Fixed some surfaces sounds not audible driving in reverse
  • – Added end race simulation for the car who are not able to cross the line during Post session time
  • – Fixed team strategy timing issues in next sessions
  • – Fixed final standing bug with lapped cars
  • – Fixed various softlock issues with rapidly going in and out of the options menus
  • – Fixed enter not working as default selector button in the for control assignment screen
  • – Fixed control assignment popup not being closeable with Esc
  • – Fixed softlock going in and out of the meteo, realism, assists screens
  • – Track selection is now persistent in all single player game modes
  • – Fixed camera when opening the replay twice in a row from the menu
  • – Fixed car state during replay
  • – Text keyboard input in VR (“Save” and “Rename” in Car Setup and Controller Setup, and “Server search by name” in the Multiplayer page)
  • – Fixed some possible multiplayer crashes
  • – Fixed a crash in VR when skipping Race 1 in a Race Weekend
  • – Fixed incorrect flashing light when opponent visibility is not set to ALL
  • – Fixed possible crash entering the game
  • – Fixed wrong start resolution/mode in some cases
  • – Fixed hotstint length not setting properly